8 Days, 8 Questions, 8 Free DVDs!

And the winners are in! Thanks for playing!

Fri, 3/5 Question 8 Joshua Z. of NY
Sat, 3/6 Question 7 Minh N. of AZ
Sun, 3/7 Question 6 David C. of NY
Mon, 3/8 Question 5 Helen C. of NY
Tue, 3/9 Question 4 Jeffrey S. of CA
Wed, 3/10 Question 3 Wendy D. of CA
Thu, 3/11 Question 2 Robert L. of NY
Fri, 3/12 - PREMIERE! Question 1 Grace C. of CA

The first person to answer each question correctly will receive a DVD of the film being asked about.
(For WHITE ON RICE, the winner will receive a "Limited Sneak-Peek Edition DVD" and
for CHILDREN OF INVENTION, the winner will receive a "Deluxe Collector's Edition DVD.")

For more information about the films and to purchase tickets to
our upcoming theatrical screenings, click on the film titles below.

Want more FREE stuff?

Watch Tze Chun's WINDOWBREAKER on YouTube for a limited time only!

This award-winning short screened at Sundance '07, cost only $600 to make,
earned Tze a spot on Filmmaker Magazine's "25 New Faces of Indie Film,"
and served as the inspiration for CHILDREN OF INVENTION.