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Watch 2 short films by Tze Chun for FREE!


Award-winning Sundance 2007
short on which CHILDREN OF
INVENTION is based

Part of ITVS's sci-fi Futurestates series

If you'd like to book a screening
or speaking engagement with
Tze or Mynette, contact us.

  • Sundance Film Festival 2009 - World Premiere
  • San Francisco Int'l Asian American Film Festival 2009 - Winner, Special Jury
  • Cleveland International Film Festival 2009
  • Philadelphia Cinefest 2009
  • AFI Dallas International Film Festival 2009 - Narrative Feature Competition
  • Sarasota Film Festival 2009 - Winner, Special Jury Prize
  • Ashland Independent Film Festival 2009
  • DisOrient Film Festival 2009 - Opening Night Film
  • Nashville Film Festival 2009- Winner, Special Jury Prize for Acting Ensemble
  • Salem Film Festival 2009
  • Independent Film Festival of Boston 2009 - Winner, Grand Jury Prize
  • Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2009 - Winner, Grand Jury Prize & Special      Jury Prize for New Talent to Watch in Acting; Opening Night Film
  • Berkshire International Film Festival 2009
  • Silk Screen Asian American Film Festival 2009
  • Newport International Film Festival 2009 - Winner, Grand Jury Prize
  • Connecticut Film Festival 2009 - Closing Night Film
  • Waterfront Film Festival 2009
  • Provincetown International Film Festival 2009
  • BAMcinemaFEST 2009
  • Asian American International Film Festival 2009 - Centerpiece Film
  • Woods Hole Film Festival 2009 - Narrative Feature Competition
  • Montreal World Film Festival 2009 - First Films World Competition
  • This is That Screening Series at Goldcrest
  • Atlantic Film Festival 2009
  • Port Townsend Film Festival 2009
  • Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival 2009 - Narrative Feature Competition
  • Woodstock Film Festival 2009 - Honorable Mention, Editing
  • Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival 2009 - Opening Night Film
  • DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival 2009 - Winner, George C. Lin Emerging      Filmmaker Award; Closing Night Film
  • Norrkoping Film Festival 2009
  • BendFilm Festival 2009
  • Indie Memphis 2009 - Winner, Special Jury Prize for Emotional Storytelling
  • Black Bear Film Festival 2009
  • New Jersey Film Festival 2009 - Narrative Feature Competition
  • San Diego Asian Film Festival 2009 - Opening Night Film; Winner, Grand Jury      Prize for Best Film + Best Narrative Feature Prize
  • Hawaii International Film Festival 2009 - Winner, Puma Emerging Filmmaker      Award
  • Vancouver Asian Film Festival 2009 - Opening Night Film
  • Ojai-Ventura International Film Festival 2009 - Winner, Best Narrative Feature
  • School of Visual Arts Filmmakers Dialogue Series
  • Austin Asian American Film Festival 2009 - Winner, Visionary Award
  • San Joaquin Film Society
  • Starz Denver Film Festival 2009 - Emerging Filmmaker Competition
  • Time Inc. A3 & Asian American Journalists Association
  • South Taiwan Film Festival 2009
  • U.Mass Boston Asian American Studies Program
  • Boston University Asian Student Union
  • Brattle Theatre - Boston Theatrical Run (opened 2/26)
  • Hunter College Asian American Studies Program
  • University of Maryland APA Film Festival
  • L.A. Downtown Independent - Los Angeles Theatrical Run (opened 3/12)
  • Big Cinemas Manhattan - New York Theatrical Run (opened 3/12)
  • Chicago Asian American Showcase 2010
  • Arab American National Museum
  • Toronto ReelWorld Film Festival 2010 - Winner, Outstanding International Feature
  • Clearview Bergenfield Cinema 5 - New Jersey Theatrical Run (opened 4/9)
  • Wisconsin Film Festival 2010
  • The Picture House
  • Indie Spirit Film Festival 2010
  • Vancity Theatre - Vancouver Theatrical Run (opened 4/23)
  • UC Davis Asian American Association Film Festival 2010
  • Forgotten Life Film Festival 2010
  • Northwestern University Chinese Students Association
  • Facets Cinémathèque - Chicago Theatrical Run (opened 5/14)
  • National Assoc for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) Philadelphia
  • Hippodrome State Theatre - Gainesville Theatrical Run (opened 6/11)
  • Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Ctr - New Orleans Theatrical Run (opened 6/11)
  • Roxbury International Film Festival 2010
  • Films At The Gate 2010
  • Wellesley College Asian Alliance Film Festival 2010
  • Harvard Asian American Alumni Summit 2010
  • Southern Circuit - Tour of Independent Filmmakers 2010
  • DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, University of Notre Dame
  • Previously featured on Cable VOD from Jun-Oct 2010 on: Brighthouse, Charter,     Comcast, RCN, Time Warner Cable & Verizon.
  • Reel 13 on PBS (WNET New York)
  • Cornell Cinema
  • Syracuse University
  • Asian American Legal Defense Fund
  • Beijing International Film Festival 2011

    A very special thanks to Om Restaurant in Harvard Sq., Cambridge and Manchester Pub in Midtown East, Manhattan, for sponsoring our theatrical premiere parties!


  • Sundance Film Festival 2009 / BMI - Roundtable on Music & Film: The Creative     Process (Tze Chun, T. Griffin + other directors & composers, mod. by Doreen     Ringer Ross)
  • Sundance Film Festival 2009 / Film Independent - Panel: Road to Park City and     Beyond: Launching Your Film Career (Tze Chun + Cherien Dabis, Steak House,     Tina Mabry, Glenn McQuaid, Morgan Stiff, mod. by Josh Welsh)
  • Newport International Film Festival 2009 - Panel: Independent Film Production:     Navigating New Challenges (Mynette Louie + Ryan Harrington, mod. by Michael     Tully)
  • IFP Filmmaker Conference 2009 - Panel: Paying the Bills: Sustaining Your Film     Career (Tze Chun + Jesse Epstein, Reva Goldberg, Rose Troche, mod. by Esther     Robinson)
  • Woodstock Film Festival 2009 / BMI - Panel: Music for Film Panel (Tze Chun, T.     Griffin + Jonathan Demme, Tom DiCillo, mod. by Doreen Ringer Ross)
  • Starz Denver Film Festival 2009 - Panel: Indie Film Roulette (Mynette Louie +     Matthew Bissonette, James Francis Flynn, Molly Lynch, mod. by Robert Denerstein)
  • Sundance Film Festival 2010 / New York Lounge - Filmmaker Empowerment Town     Hall (Mynette Louie + Peter Broderick, mod. by Steven Beer)
  • Sundance Film Festival 2010 / YouTube - Panel: Wire Me the Money: Getting Paid
        by Going Digital (Mynette Louie + Matt Dentler, Sara Pollack, Jon Reiss, mod. by     Todd Luoto)
  • Harvard Asian American Association - Meet the Filmmakers (Tze Chun & Mynette     Louie)
  • Harvard University, Office of the Dean of Arts & Humanities - Passion for the Arts:     Navigating through Courses & Concentrations (Mynette Louie)
  • NYU Asian / Pacific / American Institute - A Conversation with Dave Boyle &
        Mynette Louie, mod. by Jeff Yang
  • Milton Academy - Tze Chun: Hong Kong Speaker
  • Cinereach - Guest Speaker Tze Chun
  • indieWIRE / Apple Producers Panel @ Tribeca Film Festival - The Future of
        Filmmaking: Where Is It and Where Is It Going? (Mynette Louie + Karin Chien, Lisa     Cortes, Jason Kliot, Mary Jane Skalski, Jay Van Hoy, mod. by Eugene Hernandez)

        [LISTEN - click on podcast dated 4/26/2010]
  • Columbia University School of the Arts - Guest Speakers in First Features course     taught by Prof. Tom Kalin (1: Tze Chun, Chris Teague; 2: Mynette Louie + Ted Hope,     Christine Vachon, Jay Van Hoy)
  • Film & Video Association of Hawaii - Distribution Panel w/Mynette Louie, Island
        Film Group ("Princess Kaiulani"), Gerard Elmore & Egg Up
  • CUNY Asian American Film Festival - Keynote Speaker: Tze Chun
  • IFP Narrative Filmmaker Lab - Alternative Distribution Panel w/Mynette Louie, Jim
        Browne, Scott Macaulay & Jon Reiss
  • Los Angeles Film Festival: Seive the Power: A Marketing & (DIY)stribution     Symposium - Case studies w/Mynette Louie and Thomas Woodrow, moderated
        by Josh Welsh
  • indieWIRE Toolkit / HSBC: Ask The Experts: Strategizing Film Fests & Distribution     Today (Panel w/Mynette Louie + Jeffrey Abramson, Matt Dentler, Sandi Dubowski,     Marian Koltai-Levine, Rose Kuo, Debra Zimmerman, Rick Allen, Tom Bernard,     Arianna Bocco, Josh Braun, Sebastien Chesneau, Ira Deutchman, Tom Quinn,     moderated by Eugene Hernandez & Brian Brooks)
  • DVD Launch & Signing Event @ Giant Robot NY- With Cindy Cheung, Crystal Chiu,     Tze Chun & Mynette Louie
  • IFP Filmmaker Conference 2010 - Panel: The Future of Film (Mynette Louie + Matt     Grady, Josh Mond, Benny Safdie, Bradford Young, mod. by Scott Foundas)
  • Harvard Asian American Alumni Summit - Conversation with Georgia Lee (RED     DOORS) & Mynette Louie
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa (Anne Misawa's class): Guest Speaker Mynette Louie
  • The New School (Caveh Zahedi's class) - Guest Speaker Tze Chun
  • California Institute of the Arts (Jon Reiss's class) - Guest Speaker Tze Chun &
        Mynette Louie
  • Stanford University Graduate School of Business (Bill Guttentag's class) - Guest     Speaker Mynette Louie
  • WGA Asian American Writers Committee - Guest Speaker Mynette Louie
  • Asian American International Film Festival 2011 - Panel: Digital Distribution of Film
        & Television (Mynette Louie + Theo Cheng, David Hou, Steven Masur, Chi-hui Yang,
         mod. by Jennifer Choe Groves)
  • Montreal World Film Festival 2011 - Panel: The Next Frontier: Independent Film &     the Arrival of Non-Traditional, Alternative Distribution (Mynette Louie + Ira     Deutchman, Orly Ravid, Matthew Toner, mod. by Christian Gaines)
  • IFP Filmmakers Conference 2011 | Panel: Is Independent Filmmaking a Hobby or     Career? (Mynette Louie + Ted Hope, mod. by Scott Macaulay)
  • Columbia School of the Arts  | Guest Lecturer Mynette Louie, Anne Carey's graduate     producing class (with producers Kara Baker and Alicia Van Couvering)
  • Syracuse University  | Guest Lecturer Mynette Louie, Kimi Takesue's graduate     production class
  • Dubai Film Market 2011 | How To Panel: Film Sales (Mynette Louie + Ted Baracos,     Frederic Corvez, Kevin Iwashina & Winnie Lau, mod. by Colin Stanfield)
  • Marlboro College  | Guest Lecturer Mynette Louie, Chip Hourihan's production class
  • Fusion Film Festival 2012 at NYU  | Getting it Made: Women Entertainment     Executives (Mynette Louie + Celine Rattray, Melissa Wells, Dani Melia, Anne Carey,     Arianna Bocco, Maria Zuckerman, mod. by Joe Pichirallo) 
  • Tribeca Film Institute / The New School  | Independent Producing: What Is It, Who     Does It? (Mynette Louie + Lisa Cortes, Amy Hobby, mod. by Anne Hubbell)